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Steps of Transformation

Since we started in 2020, we have been hearing some encouraging words from men who have participated in our events and engaged in our collective work:

Delon's teaching and the group activities he led were very thought-provoking, challenging and action-oriented.

I connected with a man who has similar views to mine and learned useful ways to express and convey those opinions.

Seeing a group of men, all with good intentions and open hearts, come together to have a real conversation about race, where people listen to and try to understand each other, is exciting and motivational. I had a several edifying conversations in the course of the two events.

I’ve been to two events and these provided intellectual stimulation.  I am feeling that life change comes best for me on any topic but especially racism by practicing together or 1 on 1. I am willing to have this sort of conversation with other White men about our privilege. At times it is unfair to our Black brothers to depend solely upon them to help us do the work.

It's encouraging that there are like minded people. There is a lot to learn from each individual person. I personally like to hear people's stories.

It is inspiring to hear a wide assortment of men come together and openly share their desires and struggles to live out their calling.

Good topics.  Good atmosphere for discussion.

Loved the conversations and the topics.

The small group discussions were great and effective.

All of it worked well.  Great food, large turnout, professional content.  Wonderful!

Good speakers and discussion.  So good to be in person.

Breakout session on accountability was excellent.

Speakers and the three topics.  Need for accountability partners.

Excellent speakers - short and concise.  Good conversations.

Presentations and small group discussion were great.  Good discussion on accountability and intentional living.

Enjoyed the diverse offering and short time frame.

Nice mix of time to talk and time to listen.

Food, fellowship and learning.

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